Academic and other research papers which may be of interest to those working and campaigning in the field of land and tax reform.

Land Value Tax: the social justice case
Mike Lake (August (2023)

Time for fundamental change (2022)

After coronavirus, let’s stimulate a fairer economy and a healthier and green environment
Heather Wetzel (July 2020)

Brief Arguments as to why an annual Land Value Tax is more economically sound, more efficient and fairer than current Business Taxes
Heather Wetzel (July 2020)

“Affordable Housing on Speed” (for Labour Briefing)
Carol Wilcox

For the Labour Housing Group
Anthony Molloy (November 2019)

Housing & Land
Heather Wetzel (October 2019)

Cut out the Deadweight
Anthony Molloy (submission for the Institute of Public Policy Research Economics Prize): May 2019

Representation without taxation

Anthony Molloy (article for November 2018

*Proposal for implementing a LVT
Carol Wilcox: August 2018*A Proposal for Implementing Annual Land Value Tax over two Parliaments

Dave Wetzel: August 2018*Reforming Business Rates with LVTLLC: July 2018

*How can the Labour Party get turkeys to vote for Christmas
Dave Wetzel: June 2018

*NB: the four asterisked articles will form the basis of the debate to establish concrete LLC policy on implementation

Why taxing land wealth makes sense
Anthony Molloy (article for Labour Briefing): August 2018

Fix the housing crisis by booting out the rentiers
Carol Wilcox (Morning Star article): August 2018

Land Value Tax and the New Old Labour Party (article for Leeds Central CLP newsletter)
Carol Wilcox : October 2017

Wealth, Free Markets and LVT
Anthony Molloy : February 2017

Welfare for the rich – who really receives the biggest subsidies in the UK?
Heather Wetzel : June 2015

Why LVT is good for workers 2016

Rural Communities leaflet 2016

A Strategy For Replacing Council Tax and Business Rates With a Land Value Tax, a First Step Towards a More Equitable Tax System:
Jerry Jones & Carol Wilcox : May 2015

LVT – a fair alternative (2014)

Britain needs affordable housing LLC leaflet (2014)

Britain Needs Affordable Housing to Buy or Rent
Labour Land Campaign Publication: September 2014

The Condition of Labour, Capital and Land
Prof Frank Stilwell : Jul 2013

The Great Train Robbery: the economic and political consequences of rail privatisation
CRESC various authors : Jun 2013
PDF File : 6.3MB

CLASS labour movement think-tank publishes 3 important papers in quick succession which support the introduction of land value tax:

In place of fear : It’s time to tackle alarming health inequalities
Danny Dorling : May 2013
PDF File : 648KB

In Land Revenue : The case for a Land Value Tax in the UK
Andy Hull : May 2013
PDF File : 295KB

Financing the Social State : Towards a full employment economy
Richard Murphy & Howard Reed : April 2013
PDF File : 1MB

Rebalancing the Economy (Or Buyer’s Remorse)
CRESC various authors : Jan 2011
PDF File : 671KB

How a land value tax would help resolve Britain’s housing crisis
Jerry Jones : September 2008 [updated Nov 2012]
PDF File : 88KB

The Taxation of Land and Property (Ch.16)
Mirrlees Review : November 2010
PDF File : 1.7MB

A Land Value Tax for Scotland
Andy Wightman : October 2010
PDF File : 4MB

An Alternative Vision for the Land Registry
Public and Commercial Services Union : October 2009
PDF File : 7.7MB

The Cuts – Red Papers
Left Economics Advisory Panel : December 2009
PDF File : 368KB

China’s Gift To The World – the Missing Economic Policy for Sustainable Development
Dave Wetzel : July 2009
PDF File : 35KB

Don’t Bet the House On It – No turning back to housing boom and bust
Toby Lloyd : April 2009
PDF File : 585KB

Land Value… for public benefit
Jerry Jones : September 2008
PDF File : 282KB

Who own’s Britain’s land?
Jerry Jones : September 2008
PDF File : 56KB

A Hard Landing for Virtual War – Iraq, Land and Insurgency
Dr Jonathan Mendel : July 2008
PDF File : 277KB

The Lyons Report – Labour Land Campaign commentary
Comments on chapters 6, 7 & 8 (passages on LVT, property tax and business rates) : May 2007
PDF File : 65KB

The Lyons Report – highlights
Chapter 6, 7 & 8 (passages on LVT, property tax and business rates) : March 2007
PDF File : 159KB

The Lyons Report
Chapter 6 : Funding Reform – an introduction (in full) : March 2007
PDF File : 163KB

A new political economy
Compass : January 2007
PDF File : 563KB

A strategy for introducing a Land Value Tax in Britain
Jerry Jones : August 2006
PDF File : 205KB

Land Value Taxation
Carol Wilcox : September 2005
PDF File : 86KB

The Oxfordshire Land Value Tax Study
Oxfordshire County Council & Vale of White Horse District Council : February 2005
PDF File : 1.3MB

New partnerships in affordable housing
National Housing Federation : January 2005
PDF File : 347KB

Land tax – options for reform
Professor Iain McLean : June 2004
PDF file : 126KB

Not by spending alone – the case for a comprehensive tax review
Dr Rana Roy : June 2004
PDF file : 0.6MB

LVT – An Investigation into Practical Planning and Valuation Problems
Greg McGill and Francis Plimmer : May 2004
PDF file : 83KB

Land & Property Value Study – Assessing the Change in Land & Property Values Attributable to the Jubilee Line Extension
Jones Lang LaSalle : February 2004
PDF file : 1.5MB

From Zee to Vee : using property tax assessments to monitor the economic landscape
Tony Vickers : April 2002
PDF File : 162KB

Methods used to value land
Ted Gwartney : July 1999
PDF File : 133KB

Labour’s flawed Land Acts 1947-76
Vic Blundell : August 1993
PDF File : 127KB

Enquiry Committees and Land Value Rating 1952-76
Vic Blundell : August 1993
PDF File : 102KB

Dear Mr Gorbachev : An Open Letter to Mikhail Gorbachev
30 American economists : November 1990
PDF File : 44KB

London Rating (Site Values) – Bill presented by Herbert Morrison, et al
UK Parliamentary Bill : 1938-9
PDF File : 288KB
[with thanks to Land Value Taxation Campaign]

1931 Finance Act / Philip Snowden Act
Land Value sections : House of Lords Library
PDF File : 2.7MB