Land value is created by the whole community. The Labour Land Campaign is a voluntary group working within the labour movement for a switch away from taxes on economically productive activities like work, trade, enterprise and investment, and onto unearned land wealth. A tax on the value of land, irrespective of any improvements made by its owners (such as buildings) is fair, easy to administer and more economically efficient than taxes on productive activity.

All land should be valued and taxed according to its assessed value. As well as making it possible to reduce or abolish unfair, economically inefficient taxes, this will help repair the broken UK land market - characterised by speculation and underuse - that has deprived many citizens of secure, decent accommodation, for the benefit of a small-but-powerful, wealthy minority.

Labour Movement

The labour movement is a broad term for the development of a collective organisation of working people, to campaign for better working conditions and treatment from their employers and governments. While the labour movement is historically associated with the Labour


No human being has made land, and the value of a piece of land derives from such things as natural fertility, mineral deposits and its position in relation to public utilities, natural harbours, communications and population. Different pieces of land

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Simoney Kyriakou (Financial Times): Sunak must simplify Britain’s ‘burdensome’ tax code … Retaining or increasing distortional taxes will be a block to the British economy growing and harm all of us in the long-term 2 March 2021 Alexander Hammond and Sam

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Why Britain needs a land tax

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