The Labour Land Campaign was started in 1983 by a group of people concerned with the future of our planet.

They brought together a mixture of skills: architecture, land economics, farming, town/urban/community/city farms, workers, trade unionists, academics, researchers, smallholders, town planning and protesters.

The Campaign has advised governments and others on the correct use of land. They have objected to unsuitable legislation and unsightly, ecologically damaging developments and encouraged developers to consider the needs of the whole community and not just those with a financial vested interest.

The Campaign has helped promote parliamentary legislation, lobbied politicians and policy-makers, advised landowners, business and property companies, supported national and international campaigns on poverty, unemployment, equality, green issues and justice.

Members of the Campaign are members of an NGO recognised by the UN, have conducted research for radio and TV programmes, written articles and been invited to share their experiences by speaking at international conferences around the world.

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