President: John McDonnell





Vice President: Dave Wetzel

As well as being President of the Labour Land Campaign, Dave Wetzel FCILT is CEO of ‘Transforming Communities’ the transport, housing, land tax consultancy he founded in 2008. For eight years he was the first Vice-Chair of Transport for London and was also Chair of London Buses and TfL’s Safety, Health and Environment Committee.

Dave’s career has included working as a student engineer with Wilkinson Sword, as a London Bus Conductor, Driver and Inspector, as a Manager for Initial Services operating a small fleet of vans in East London, in aviation with British Airways and as Editor of Civil Aviation News (an Airport Workers’ monthly paper).

A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Dave has also been Chair of the GLC’s Transport Committee, Leader of Hounslow Council, a founder member of a radical housing association, chair of Hounslow Council’s Planning Committee, Director of the transport disability campaigning charity DaRT (Dial-a-Ride and Taxicard Users – now “Transport for All”), President of London University’s Transport Studies Society and Vice-Chair of a local Chamber of Commerce in Cornwall.

Dave is currently Chair of the Professional Land Reform Group ( and President of the International Union for Land Value Tax (

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carol_wilcoxSecretary: Carol Wilcox

Carol is a software engineer by profession but with a degree in economics. It was whilst studying at Essex University in the early 80s, disappointed that there appeared to be no satisfactory solutions to economic ills, that she first read about land value taxation. From that time she was puzzled why ‘the only tax which meets all the criteria for a good tax’ was ignored by policymakers.

By good fortune she discovered the Labour Land Campaign at the 1996 Labour Party Conference and embarked on her ‘real economics’ education.

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Chair: Heather Wetzel

Heather’s varied working life that helped her to appreciate the economic and social injustices that exist in the UK and in the world. She has been a full-time mother, worked in the private sector, the voluntary sector and in the public sector as well as being a Councillor on a London Borough between 1978 until 1990.

Heather has a proven record of fighting all forms of prejudice – intended or unintended – and fighting for good public services that meet as many individual needs as possible.

As a youngster, she saw our land being ‘owned’ by individuals as unjust and illogical: how could the ownership and control of land be in the hands of a few when it is something we all need to survive? Over the years, Heather has learnt the economic arguments about how land wealth is created by all of us and why it should be collected and returned to the public purse to pay for the maintenance and development of infrastructure and good public services.

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Vice Chair: Justin Robbins

Vice Chair: John Lipetz

Vice Chair: Murad Qureshi




Treasurer and Research Officer: Mark Wadsworth

Mark Wadsworth is an accountant, tax adviser and simplification campaigner.




Press Officer: Anthony Molloy

Anthony Molloy is a scientist by training. After graduating in New York, he worked in laboratories in France before becoming a freelance scientific writer on topics  Although he has always been an active member of the Labour Party when in the country, it was not until the 2008 financial crisis that he—like so many others—realised that all citizens might need some understanding of economics, a path that ultimately led him to an appreciation of the iniquity of our current taxation system and the virtues of land value taxation.He is currently compiling an Everyman’s Guide to the Immune System to be published in book form and as a series of animated videos.[email protected]49 Torbay Road, London, NW6 7DX
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Trade Union Liaison Officer: Luke Agnew


Co-operative Liaison Officer: Kris Beuret



Mike BirdIT Officer: Mike Bird

Mike is a chartered surveyor and has worked on Development Land Tax (1976) and as a Stamp Duty examiner. He joined the Labour Land Campaign to support LVT, which will be fairer and far simpler than the exisitng taxation system, that does not serve people.

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