Academic and other research papers which may be of interest to those working and campaigning in the field of land and tax reform.

Wealth, Free Markets and LVT
Anthony Molly : February 2017

Welfare for the rich – who really receives the biggest subsidies in the UK?
Heather Wetzel : June 2015

A Strategy For Replacing Council Tax and Business Rates With a Land Value Tax, a First Step Towards a More Equitable Tax System:
Jerry Jones & Carol Wilcox : May 2015

Britain Needs Affordable Housing to Buy or Rent
Labour Land Campaign Publication: September 2014

The Condition of Labour, Capital and Land
Prof Frank Stilwell : Jul 2013

The Great Train Robbery: the economic and political consequences of rail privatisation
CRESC various authors : Jun 2013
PDF File : 6.3MB

CLASS labour movement think-tank publishes 3 important papers in quick succession which support the introduction of land value tax:

In place of fear : It’s time to tackle alarming health inequalities
Danny Dorling : May 2013
PDF File : 648KB

In Land Revenue : The case for a Land Value Tax in the UK
Andy Hull : May 2013
PDF File : 295KB

Financing the Social State : Towards a full employment economy
Richard Murphy & Howard Reed : April 2013
PDF File : 1MB

Rebalancing the Economy (Or Buyer’s Remorse)
CRESC various authors : Jan 2011
PDF File : 671KB

How a land value tax would help resolve Britain’s housing crisis
Jerry Jones : September 2008 [updated Nov 2012]
PDF File : 88KB

The Taxation of Land and Property (Ch.16)
Mirrlees Review : November 2010
PDF File : 1.7MB

A Land Value Tax for Scotland
Andy Wightman : October 2010
PDF File : 4MB

An Alternative Vision for the Land Registry
Public and Commercial Services Union : October 2009
PDF File : 7.7MB

The Cuts – Red Papers
Left Economics Advisory Panel : December 2009
PDF File : 368KB

China’s Gift To The World – the Missing Economic Policy for Sustainable Development
Dave Wetzel : July 2009
PDF File : 35KB

Don’t Bet the House On It – No turning back to housing boom and bust
Toby Lloyd : April 2009
PDF File : 585KB

Land Value… for public benefit
Jerry Jones : September 2008
PDF File : 282KB

Who own’s Britain’s land?
Jerry Jones : September 2008
PDF File : 56KB

A Hard Landing for Virtual War – Iraq, Land and Insurgency
Dr Jonathan Mendel : July 2008
PDF File : 277KB

The Lyons Report – Labour Land Campaign commentary
Comments on chapters 6, 7 & 8 (passages on LVT, property tax and business rates) : May 2007
PDF File : 65KB

The Lyons Report – highlights
Chapter 6, 7 & 8 (passages on LVT, property tax and business rates) : March 2007
PDF File : 159KB

The Lyons Report
Chapter 6 : Funding Reform – an introduction (in full) : March 2007
PDF File : 163KB

A new political economy
Compass : January 2007
PDF File : 563KB

A strategy for introducing a Land Value Tax in Britain
Jerry Jones : August 2006
PDF File : 205KB

Land Value Taxation
Carol Wilcox : September 2005
PDF File : 86KB

The Oxfordshire Land Value Tax Study
Oxfordshire County Council & Vale of White Horse District Council : February 2005
PDF File : 1.3MB

New partnerships in affordable housing
National Housing Federation : January 2005
PDF File : 347KB

Land tax – options for reform
Professor Iain McLean : June 2004
PDF file : 126KB

Not by spending alone – the case for a comprehensive tax review
Dr Rana Roy : June 2004
PDF file : 0.6MB

LVT – An Investigation into Practical Planning and Valuation Problems
Greg McGill and Francis Plimmer : May 2004
PDF file : 83KB

Land & Property Value Study – Assessing the Change in Land & Property Values Attributable to the Jubilee Line Extension
Jones Lang LaSalle : February 2004
PDF file : 1.5MB

From Zee to Vee : using property tax assessments to monitor the economic landscape
Tony Vickers : April 2002
PDF File : 162KB

Methods used to value land
Ted Gwartney : July 1999
PDF File : 133KB

Labour’s flawed Land Acts 1947-76
Vic Blundell : August 1993
PDF File : 127KB

Enquiry Committees and Land Value Rating 1952-76
Vic Blundell : August 1993
PDF File : 102KB

Dear Mr Gorbachev : An Open Letter to Mikhail Gorbachev
30 American economists : November 1990
PDF File : 44KB

London Rating (Site Values) – Bill presented by Herbert Morrison, et al
UK Parliamentary Bill : 1938-9
PDF File : 288KB
[with thanks to Land Value Taxation Campaign]

1931 Finance Act / Philip Snowden Act
Land Value sections : House of Lords Library
PDF File : 2.7MB

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