We could have been a fairer and richer country

Let Lord Blackwell’s predecessors accept blame for the heavy tax burden on “wealth-creating businesses” and those that provide the labour (“Why Britain cannot afford not to cut taxes”, Letters, November 29). It was the House of (Land)Lords that prevented the implementation of Lloyd George’s reforms which sought to shift the tax burden on to unearned land rents. The first Parliament Act was introduced as a direct result of this interference of vested interests in finance bills. Britain could have had nearly 100 years of unconstrained wealth creation together with a secure and buoyant tax base to provide the public goods and services we demand and need. The words “tax”, “avoidance” and “scheme” would never be seen together and house price inflation would be the result of a shortage of bricks and mortar or builders. With everyone sharing in community-generated land values we would be a fairer and richer country.

Carol Wilcox
Labour Land Campaign