Our Mission

The Labour Land Campaign advocates a more equitable distribution of the Land Values that are created by the whole community. We are a voluntary group working for land reform within the Labour Movement. Our members are members of the British Labour Party, Trade Unions and Cooperatives, or are individuals who support our aim to share land wealth through Land Value Taxation.

The Big Plan

First off, the value of every piece of land in this country should be assessed. By 'land' we mean the site alone, not counting any improvements on the site. Thus, the value of any buildings, crops, drainage or anything else which people have put on, or done to, the site would be ignored. Then, after the land has been valued, a tax should be fixed on the basis of that value. Of course this wouldn't mean any more overall taxation, because the introduction of Land Value Taxation would permit other taxes to be reduced or, in some cases, to be abolished altogether.


Labour Movement

The labour movement is a broad term for the development of a collective organisation of working people, to campaign for better working conditions and treatment from their employers and governments. While the labour movement is historically associated with the Labour



No human being has made land, and the value of a piece of land derives from such things as natural fertility, mineral deposits and its position in relation to public utilities, natural harbours, communications and population. Different pieces of land


Our Next Meetings

Our meetings are open to all Labour Land Campaign members. Next meeting dates   General Meeting: 17th October 2015 Venue & Time: Green Bar, Royal Festival Hall, London, 3.00pm.   Theory meeting: 31st October 2015 Venue & Time: Green Bar, Royal Festival Hall, London, 2.00pm.

Help us to make life better

You can help our campaign by donating. It will help us to raise awareness of and nurture a supportive network for the campaign.


In the news

Land Value Tax in the News

John Kay : Lower business rates would benefit property owners not retailers (October 2015) Darren Johnson AM : Land value tax should pay London’s new garden bridge (January 2015) Murad Qureshi AM : Let’s raise money from empty sites (October...

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