Dear Labour Land

We’re going to Westminster in February to demand action on housing and we want you to join us.

Next year’s General Election will be the most important one for housing in living memory. There are enough of us who have been shafted by the housing market to tip the balance at the ballot box. But we need to make politicians aware of that – as ever, if politicians think they can get away with maintaining the status quo they will.

Rent Freedom Day will make it impossible for MPs to ignore us. Thousands of private renters will descend on Parliament on Wednesday 4th February to meet their MPs and get commitments to reform housing so that those of us who don’t own any are no longer second class citizens.

The day is being organised by a coalition of groups including us and Generation Rent. As well as a mass lobby of Parliament, we’ll have housing spokespeople from each of the main parties debating the issues for the election, plus a series of workshops, talks and comedy. We’re hosting a panel event on “Why are house prices so high?”

If you’re fed up about housing, want to do something about it and can make it to London on 4th February, please sign up for free here.

Best wishes – and Merry Christmas!

PricedOut team

Invite to Rent Freedom Day – 4th Feb – from Priced Out Campaign