Press articles

Malcolm Burns : Scotland's land laws 'unfit for the 21st century' (May 2014)

April Cumming : In praise of Land Value Tax (May 2014)

Toby Lloyd : Understanding and adapting the land market... (Mar 2014)

GMB website : Name Landlords Paid Housing Benefits (Mar 2014)

The Scotsman : Johann Lamont signals support for land tax plan (Sep 2013)

The Telegraph : Cable backs land tax for home owners (Sep 2013)

The Economist : Levying the land (Jun 2013)

Two easy steps towards a fair tax system for everyone : Morning Star (Jun 2013)

Murad Qureshi : LVT in London (Jun 2013)

Time for plan B? (IMF calls for land taxation) (May 2013)

A growth manifesto : The Economist (Mar 2013)

A Land Value Tax for England : Andy Wightman blog (Mar 2013)

Why all progressives should support a land value tax : New Statesman (Feb 2013)

George Monbiot : Comment is free : I agree with Churchill... (Jan 2013)

A Land Value Tax - an idea whose time has come : Liberal Conspiracy (Dec 2012)

Has UK LVT Support Almost Reached The Tipping Point? : Georgist Journal (Nov 2012)

Caroline Lucas calls on government to consider land tax : The Guardian (Nov 2012)

Harper's magazine : Monopoly Is Theft (Nov 2012)

Andy Wightman : Dukes, Sheiks, Fire Brigades and Property Taxes (Aug 2012)

Will Hutton : The Guardian: Enough quick fixes, Mr Osborne... (Mar 2012)

Richard Murphy : The mansion tax – can we end the debate now, please? (Mar 2012)

Money Week : Want growth?... (Mar 2012)

Tax Justice Network : A tax that can curb corruption (Feb 2012)

Phillip Inman : IFS backs land value tax (Feb 2012)

David Williamson : ‘Land value tax’ would be fairer, says Mark Drakeford AM (Feb 2012)

Andy Wightman : Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Bill 4 (Jan 2011)

David Cooper : Land tax is fair, and it's not just a fringe issue (May 2011)

Urban Tools website : Chinese to tax land values (Jan 2011)

Tribune : This land is our land – so let’s tax it (Jan 2011)

Philippe Legrain : There is an alternative to the VAT rise (Jan 2011)

Moneyweek website : The core aim of UK economic policy... (Dec 2010)

Scott Baker : Lessons from the Radical Somewhere (Dec 2010)

BBC website : Land value tax costs unveiled by Scottish Greens (Oct 2010)

Jason Cowley : The coming battle over land and property : New Statesman (Oct 2010)

Andy Burnham : Morning Star : Back to basics (Sep 2010)

Benjamin Fox : Comment is free : With land value tax, Labour is getting it right (Sep 2010)

Andy Burnham : Comment is free : Land value tax – not old or New but true Labour (Aug 2010)

Michael Hudson : Financial Times : Austerity is not the only option (Jul 2010)

Philippe Legrain : The Times : Tax land - it can’t be hidden from the Revenue (Jun 2010)

Philippe Legrain : Comment is free : Another dangerous property boom (Apr 2010)

Philippe Legrain : FT Comment : Tax land or carbon emissions, but not hard work (Apr 2010)

Larry Elliott : The Guardian : Take on the City with a 'people's budget' (Mar 2010)

Irish Independent : Tax to improve plans (Jan 2010)

Tony Bonsignore : Citywire : Is a mansion tax really such a batty idea? (Dec 2009)

Larry Elliott : The Guardian : If I were chancellor... (Oct 2009)

Martin Wolf : Financial Times : Why Cable’s mansions tax is right (Sep 2009)

Polly Toynbee : Comment is free : All Labour needs to summon is nerve... (Sep 2009)

Joey Gardiner : Building : Think tank proposes scrapping council tax (Aug 2009)

Larry Elliott : Comment is free : Spending cuts are not the only option (July 2009)

Martin Wolf : Financial Times : Adapting to Britain’s mediocre prospects (July 2009)

Ashley Seager : The Observer : UK's housing needs new foundations (Jun 2009)

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Peter Wilby : Comment is free : Our tax system is a mess... (Apr 2009)

Jerry Jones : Morning Star : Where did it all go wrong? (Oct 2008)

Patrick Wintour : The Guardian : Brown supporters call for rise in taxation... (Jan 2007)

Ashley Seager : The Guardian : A land tax is 200 years overdue (Jan 2007)

Mark Braund : The Guardian Comment Is Free : Time for a people's budget (Sep 2006)

Martin Wolf : Financial Times : Land tax is something to build on (Jun 2006)

Jerry Jones : Morning Star : The simple way to end land hoarding (Feb 2006)

Jerry Jones : Morning Star : Harrisburg - the US example pointing the way (Oct 2005)

Carol Wilcox : Renewal : Land Value Taxation (Sep 2005)

Jerry Jones : Morning Star : What should replace the flawed council tax? (Apr 2005)

Chris Huhne MP : New Statesman : Why we should follow Pittsburgh (Sep 2004)

Dave Wetzel : New Statesman : Oh no! Not another bloody tax? (Sep 2004)

Martin Wolf : Financial Times : Why Livingstone is a tax genius (Aug 2004)

Jerry Jones : Morning Star : Series of 5 articles examining land issues (Jun-Aug 2004)

Martin Wolf : Financial Times : A fresh look at land use (May 2004)

Martin Wolf : Financial Times : Why on earth not put a tax on land? (May 2004)

Metro Travel : Jubilee line raises land value by an estimated £2.8billion (Apr 2004)

Alan Spence : Morning Star : Lasting legacy of social ideas (Nov 2003)
[On Letchworth Garden City’s 100-year history]

Dave Wetzel : The Observer : Land tax needed to avoid wasted resources (Apr 2003)

Samuel Brittan : Financial Times : How land taxes could pay for urban renewal (Apr 2001)

Alan Spence : Ethical Record : Sun Yat Sen – Revolutionary Land Reformer (Feb 1993)

New Internationalist : A brief history of land ownership (Nov 1987)


Chris Huhne MP : The Chartist : On why a land tax matters

Mason Gaffney : Repopulating New Orleans

Dave Wetzel : T&CPA : The Planning Gain Supplement is bound to fail

Dave Wetzel : Land wealth for the people

Dave Wetzel : Property Week : Abolish commercial rates and stamp duty

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Dave Wetzel : Justice - or injustice?